Animated Series
Format : 22 Mins x 26 Episodes
TargetL : Action adventure

Animonrace is a reality competition show featuring exotic locations from around the world. In general, each competition will be made up of 10 smaller events, or legs. In each leg, competitors must try to win points that they can use in the next legs. Whoever collects the most points throughout the 10 legs will win up to 1,000,000 coins!



Leo is 15 years old, and his motto is “when nothing goes right, just go left”. Leo’s father owned the largest chicken farm in the city, but, due to an unfortunate market crash, Leo is left with no inheritance at all. Well, that’s not entirely true, he WAS left a single chicken egg. An egg that eventually hatched into Gui.


Francis Jr., age 17, whoes motto is: “Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday”. Francis Jr. is a true gentleman and is friends with everyone. The son of Dr. Francis, the famous scientist dedicated to history and civilization, Francis Jr. joined the competition to help fund his father’s research. Dr. Francis may have had bad luck with renewing his research grants, but Francis Jr. hopes that the winnings from the tournament will allow his father to continue his work for the good of man kind!


Luther is 16 years old and his motto is: “Action is better than talk!” Luther’s favourite show is Batman. His father is the head of media empire which often makes him too busy to spend time with his son. That said, he still tries to talk with Luther over web cam when he gets the chance. Luther is extremely competetive. He came first in all his classes, dominated every sport he ever competed in, and hates to partner up with others with the exception of Ligar of course.


Fei is 15 year old . Her motto is: “Look in the mirror. THAT’s your competition!” and her favourite film is KILL BILL. Fei grew up in an orphanage where she discovered her amazing martial art abilities. She is extremely dilligent and wakes up very early to train everyday. She hopes to win the prize money so she can give back to the orphanage that raised her.


Gui, the bouncing bird, is a mix between a giant chicken and… a basketball. Gui is the sole inheritance Leo was left from his father. Having grown up with Leo, Gui understands him very well. Gui likes to hang out next to the female Animon competitors because, as he says, “I’m not much of a ladies man, I just happen to have many soul mates.” Gui is a chicken which means he can’t fly but even so, he makes up for it by bouncing up and down like a basketball, giving him the ability to jump higher than any other animal!!


Bai is a rabbit-wolf hybrid. She is both fast and smart, with the fighting instincts of a wolf. Bai does not like the water, and hates it when people pull her ears.


Ligar is half Tiger, half Mountain Goat. Like two peas in a pod, Ligar is exactly like his one and only friend Luther. He is fierce, fast, strong and arrogant. His pride, like Luther’s, means he hates relying on other teams.


Buran is part Pentaceratops, part Hippo. Buran is extremely strong and tough. Being part Hippo, he is an excellent diver who doesn’t even have to come up for air! In general Buran might be a bit slow, but if he builds up momentum he can run faster than anyone!